Each year, our team accepts sponsorships from companies, families, and individuals to help fund the ongoing costs of running the team. Money raised from sponsorship is used for paying for pool facilities for the season, helping the team attend travel meets, hosting the annual Rocky Mountain Invitational, basic team apparel, league membership dues, and various other operational expenses for the team. If you are interested in helping to sponsor the team or if you just want more information, please contact our team's Vice President.

  • FAN: $25

    • Priority seating​

    • Quarterly newsletter

  • FRIEND: $50

    • Name on Rocky Mountain Invitational meet packet

    • Rewards of Fan Tier

  • BRONZE: $100

    • Name on home page of team website

    • Rewards of Friend Tier and below

  • SILVER: $150

    • Name on schedule poster

    • Rewards of Bronze Tier and below

  • GOLD: $250

    • ​Name on team banner

    • Rewards of Silver Tier and below

  • RED: $500​​

    • Logo on marketing materials for annual Rocky Mountain Invitational, including posters, t-shirts, and promotional videos. 

    • Loudspeaker and social media shout-outs throughout the Rocky Mountain Invitational meet

    • Ability to set up booth outside Rocky Mountain Invitational or have your own banner by the pool

    • Sponsor giveaways/raffles at meets

    • Rewards of Gold Tier and below

  • BLACK: $800

    • Name on fan section t-shirts

    • Rewards of Red Tier and below

  • $1000+

    • For this tier, we want to allow sponsors to create their own rewards packet, possibly including name on Nationals gear, special social media posts, etc. 

    • Rewards of Black Tier and below

  • BLACK x2: $1500

    • This level locks you into the Black Tier for 2 years


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